noun (singular, not with the)
1 the being 2 (1) who Christians, Jews, and Muslims pray to
—see also: act of God act 1 (10)
2 God/oh God/my God/good God spoken used to add force to what you are saying, when you are surprised, annoyed, or amused: Oh God, how embarrassing!
3 I swear/hope/wish etc to God used to emphasize that you promise, hope or wish that something is true: I hope to God nothing goes wrong.
4 God knows spoken
a) used to show that you are annoyed because you do not know something, or because you think that something is unreasonable: God knows who/what/how etc: God knows what she's doing in there. | God only knows: It'll cost God only knows how much.
b) used to add force to what you are saying: God knows, it hasn't been easy.
5 what/how/where/who in God's name spoken used to add force to a question when you are angry or surprised: Where in God's name have you been?
6 God forbid spoken used to say that you very much hope that something will not happen
(+ that): God forbid that she should ever hurt you.
7 honest to God spoken used to emphasize that you are not lying or joking: Honest to God, I didn't tell her!
8 God almighty spoken used to express surprise, shock, annoyance, or anger
9 God help you/him etc spoken used to warn someone: God help you if Tom comes home and you're still here!
10 God help us spoken, usually humorous used when you think that something bad is going to happen: “Simon's doing the cooking.” “God help us!”
11 God bless spoken used to show your affection for someone: Goodnight, Jenny - God bless.
12 God willing spoken used to say that you hope there will be no problems: We'll be moving next month, God willing.
13 God-given received from God: a God-given talent for singing | a God-given right (=the right to do something without asking anyone else's opinion)
14 God give me strength! spoken used when you are becoming annoyed
15 God's gift to women/men etc someone who thinks they are perfect or extremely attractive: Paul thinks he's God's gift to the film industry.
16 God rest his/her soul also God rest him/her old-fashioned used to show respect when speaking about someone who is dead
17 play God to behave as though you have the power to do whatever you like: scientists who think they can play God with their genetic experiments
18 by God old-fashioned used to add force when you are expressing determination or surprise
—see also: there but for the grace of God grace 1 (6), in the lap of the gods lap 1 (5), thank God/goodness/heavens thank (2) USAGE NOTE: GOD FORMALITY AND POLITENESS In informal spoken English the following expressions are very common. They are used in a non-religious way, but some people would consider them to be offensive. Oh (my) God/My God/Good God/God! are all used to show strong surprise, fear, excitement or annoyance, or to emphasize what is said: Oh God, what's that? | My God, I forgot to lock the door. | God he was sexy! | Good God no! For God's sake is used to draw attention strongly to a particular point: How can she do that, she's only seven for God's sake! It is also used with orders to make them stronger, or to show annoyance: For God's sake shut up! Thank God shows you are happy and pleased about something: Thank God you're here! | Thank God for that! God (only) knows is a strong way of saying `I don't know'. SPELLING God is always written with a capital letter in these expressions. GRAMMAR God is not used with the: I pray to God every night (NOT the God).

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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